Re: Why Won't YDL boot!!

Subject: Re: Why Won't YDL boot!!
From: David P. Riedel (
Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 07:31:01 MDT

did you check 'no video driver' in bootx?

dave riedel

"Erick W.Curtis" wrote:

> I am a new Lunix User. I cannot get YDL to boot Up, it Just freezes
> even on install. I am running a 300mhz Blue and Ice G3 with 96 megs of ram
> and I do have my 6 gb hard drive partitioned correctly. The correct items
> are installed in the system folder but when you go to install lunix it
> freezes after showing you the version of the kernel. Please help. Also
> Note that I am using a USB keyboard and mouse is that the problem?
> Erick Curtis

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