More on PPP

Subject: More on PPP
From: Walt Storer (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 10:39:11 MDT

 I launch "kppp" from the menu in KDE. A window pops up immediately that
contains the following - -

 "ERROR - This kernel has no PPP support, neither compiled in nor via the kernel
module loader. To solve this problem, install a kernel with PPP support".

 Also, in the boot process, the following appears -

 "Finding module dependencies --
  can't open /lib/modules/2.2.6-16bpmac/modules/depndencies"

 Is this where the problem originates and, if so, what is a suggeested fix?

 Also, in the boot process, there is a LONG pause after the point where it is
"starting amd". Any relation?

 I am trying to stay in the KDE environment since all the Intel boxes here run
KDE, via Caldera v 2.2/3.

 Walt S.

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