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Subject: Re: Yellow Dog on RS-6000/43P
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Sun Sep 19 1999 - 17:00:22 MDT

On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, terry chay wrote:

> My advisor's research group won an RS-6000 through IBM and just
> received it on Friday. The advantage of AIX's forgiving compiler and disk
> management systems aside, the reality is they're hard to set up (the last
> one in the department is barely running a year later) and not supported at
> the University (one consultant).
> It seems that Linux would be a great solution since but there are
> two issues involves.
> (1) The workstation is a 43P/260 which uses a IBM PPC 420
> (Power3/200). I don't even know where this lies on the AIM roadmap or if
> it's possible to run YDL on this processor (I think an IBM press release
> said that it was "forthcoming", but the FAQ doesn't list this model at all).

I believe this is being worked on.. so YDL will eventually work on it.
(not sure when)

> (2) The one thing we need is Fortran 90. gcc-2.9.5 includes an f77
> compiler, but not f90. I was wondering what are our options (commercial or
> noncommercial) for f90 compilers in PPC linux.

Try asking commercial companies for a YDL port of their f90 compilers. I'm
not aware of any noncommercial ones available.

> The thought of having a 80 lb AIX paperweight on a students desk is
> unappealing. :-)
> Another minor issue is that I have a G4/400 non-school related
> personal use and consulting and was wondering if I install YDL on an
> external drive, how difficult it would be (impractical?) to use the volume
> on the RS-6000 with YDL.

Much easier to just install YDL on the RS/6k, if it were to work on that

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