Re: Video/Monitor depth

Subject: Re: Video/Monitor depth
From: Donn Tarris (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 10:59:01 MDT

Elliott wrote:
...> ctrl-alt-minus or plus. I'm not sure. Check your
/etc/X11/XF86Config file. If
> editing that file is beyond you, just post the file's contents to this discussion,
> and we'll be glad to help.

I have gone back to 2.2.17 kernel from the 1.2.1 YDL install, run a yup
update, and then grabbed all of the current Gnome stuff as well. I have
the computer running relatively well now, but with the following

1. When in KDE, my sound is 22050 16 bit; without forcing any changes
myself, it registers as 44100 16 bit when I switch over to Gnome... how
can I change it in KDE?
2. At this point, my monitor works fine at 1024x768 at 16 (15) bit
colour depth. If I choose to update to 2.2.18, I fear losing that as I
did before. If I copy the XF86Config file before doing so, and then
replace after the update (if it screws up my monitor settings again)
should the first config file work with the new kernel (i.e. is there any
major change from .17 to .18 that would not be recognized properly?)
3. I'm not convinced that my NewerG3 300MHz upgrade card in the 9500 is
being fully utilized, especially with regards to the cache. I remember
seeing something about using another manufacturer's s/w with the Newer
card to have linux see the entire card performance-wise - does this ring
a bell with anyone else?

Thank you!
Donn Tarris
Maple Ridge BC

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