Re: XFree86-4.0.1 & ati

Subject: Re: XFree86-4.0.1 & ati
From: Stefan Jeglinski (
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 16:25:12 MST

>I've recently been told that the 'Load "v4l"' line in the Module section
>can cause X to die. Try commenting that out and see how it goes.

Bingo, sort of.

X launches now if I comment this module out (what is v4l anyway?),
but... yucko.

First observations:

0. The fonts are suddenly all gigantic compared to 3.3.6, but that is
something I can play with a bit.

1. Mouse mappings (1,2,3-button) are totally different, compared to XF 3.3.6.

2. In both GNOME and KDE, the mouse will not stay activated when I
select any menus on the toolbar. IOW, I click on the main GNOME or
KDE menu item (far left of toolbar at bottom of screen, I don't know
how to name it otherwise), the menu pops up, but as soon as I try to
move the mouse up to select any menu item, the menu disappears before
I can get there. So, for example, I can't log out of GNOME unless I
telnet in and kill it (oh yeah, I can't get to other consoles anymore
[cntl-clover-F# no longer works])

3. Worst, when I open a terminal, there is a continuous stream of
characters that appear on the terminal. Actually, they appear there
in response to mouse movements, I can tell.

So I've taken a step forward, but into an open manhole. I grant you,
I have to now try to study the config file and put some time into
learning it, so I'm not really complaining. Yet :-)

Stefan Jeglinski

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