Re: Compile error for 2.2.18

Subject: Re: Compile error for 2.2.18
From: Iain Stevenson (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 13:34:49 MST

Isn't it:

make dep; make; make clean; make modules; make modules_install ?

... resulting in a vmlinux file which you copy to the Linux kernels folder
within the System folder. This seems to work for me with BootX


on 5/2/01 7:55 pm, Ben Ricker at wrote:

> Got the latest 2.2.18 kernel from .src.rpm from but I keep
> getting an error in the 'make zImage':
> The error is simply 'Error 1' with nothing else (I do not have the full
> lines with me). With so little info, I guess my question is: how do you
> make the uncompressed kernel for BootX compatibility? I thought it was
> 'zImage' but I cannot remember.
> I appreciate the help!
> Ben Ricker
> Senior Systems Administrator
> US-Rx, Inc.

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