RE: rs/6000 kernel help

Subject: RE: rs/6000 kernel help
From: Stefan Schneider (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 09:21:40 MST

From: Hollis R Blanchard <>
> On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Kevin Hall wrote:
> > After compiling a kernel, which files do I put where? Right now I have
> > putting /usr/src/linux/arch/ppc/chrpboot/zImage into my PReP partition
> > running "dd if=./zImage of=/dev/sda1" and then I put into
> That's one way to do it (assuming you have a CHRP machine). With OF though
> you can just put the kernel on a FAT partition and set your boot-device
> vars, but I believe CHRP machines try to boot from PPC Boot partitions
> just like PReP's do.

No, not FAT, he needs a PReP boot partition (And it needs to be the first
partition in the disk) in order to boot... the RS/6K is able to load
compressed and uncompressed images as long as they're gzipped and not

> Please see for more
> information.

The faq is a bit outdated, Dan (Burcaw) has a page in the terraplex servers
outlining the real procedures to run Linux from an RS/6K

> > and I don't know what to put for the /boot/zImage symbolic link
> Don't worry about that.

Right, but always keep a copy of the image you compile in the boot directory
(Good housekeeping :)

> > I have gotten various errors, but the one
> > that is farthest along the booting process ends with "calling
> > I've tested kernel 2.2.17 thoroughly and lightly tried to get 2.2.15,
> > 2.2.18, and even 2.4.0prerelease but I never get linux to boot.
> I don't recall what hardware you're using? You almost definately want to
> join the linuxppc-workstation mailing list at

The Symbios driver is b0rked since 2.2.16 for some bizarre reason, I use
2.2.15 from the YDL CD and patch it accordingly. In my experience 2.4.0
works better than 2.2.1x with the RS hardware if and only if you get it to
boot. If he gets that far it means framebuffer is working, CHRP IDE chipset
is working (Or not compiled) and the Symbios driver has started
transferring, the problem might be the buggy Sym53C8x driver or the built in
ethernet controller. If he has an F50 it might be SMP support, if he has a
B50 most probably is the SCSI card. If someone is interested I can send you
guys my .config for the 2.2.15 kernel (Works+IPforwarding+Proxy+Other stuff)
over the mail (Outside the list to minimize traffic)

In any case once it works, Linux on the RS/6K beats the heck out of any x86
processor :)

Best Regards


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