Re: Newbie: PM8500 video and ethernet problems.

Subject: Re: Newbie: PM8500 video and ethernet problems.
From: BX (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 21:53:01 MST

At 19:27 -0500 03/21/01, Sean Riley wrote:

>Had exact same issues :-)

Me too, and they are still haunting me...

>2. Someone suggested removing pump and using dhcpd (which I haven't tried
>yet) but what I do to fix ethernet is:
>ifconfig eth0 down
>ifconfig eth0 up
>ifdown eth0
>ifup eth0

Ok, tinkered with this, but on the ifconfig eth0 up, i get something about
it "not finding PHY.." or something along those lines...

DHCP never seems to want to pick up, so, ive went the manual configration
route, and still have problems. If you can look at what I have here,
perhaps someone can give me a cloo on what to try where for a manual config.

My IP address comes from a Win98 PC on DSL, thru its funky but fuctional
"Internet Connection Sharing" app.
Crossover cable from the NIC card (PC didnt have one, nor the internal DSl
modem, so i added the NIC), to the uplink port on the hub. From there it
branches to 2 macs. The Mac picks up and uses the net connection just fine
with these parameters:


The PC is connected to DSL thru US West (Now Quest, but the US West info is
still in and works fine).

The Numbers given on that account from US West are as such:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS: 204147.80.5

IP is auto configured along with a N/A for the router on the PC.

Now, trying to get this in manually, still seems to not want me to connect
- perhaps theres something else beyond this configuration that has to be
configured that i do not know about, or something.

With the information above, when i reinstall YDL so i can set this
manually, what should go in these lines when i choose static ip:

IP Address: ---.---.---.--- (i used
Netmask: ---.---.---.--- (i used
Default gateway: ---.---.---.--- (I used - figured the "Router"
IP as given by the TCP/IP CDEV on the Mac side means the same thing as
Primary nameserver: ---.---.---.--- ( i used - this is the Pri
DNS for US - but im suspecting that since im on this funky network
with the fake addresses of 192.168.0.x, that it might be the cause of the
problem, or i need to set something else up, or configure something else
totally. it looked as though all my problems are prolly becuase it cant
resolve what i put into netscape from X windows, but it never tells me
anything, just sits and spins looking for the site)

The next part im clooless completely on:

domain name:
host name:
Sec. nameserver:
Tert. nameserver:

I attempted it this way though - i figured the domain name would be
and the host name i guessed as whatever the Pri. DNS that uswest gave,, would resolve to, and that is ""
Secondary i put in the one from uswests Sec DNS -
tert, i wasnt sure of, i think i attemped to use the primary given to me
for my dialup with, heh

But all this info might just be useless to it, since im "leeching" from the
DSL of a PC using "internet connection sharing" supplied by bill gates of
borg and company...

I am waiting for a reply before I wipe and reinstall it all again, so i can
try to get this up and running on a first go..

BTW, not really an issue yet, since if i cant get networked, it wont matter
- i have source code i want to compile over on the Mac partition - how do i
get it into the ext2 partition from there? possible? im dure it is - its
been so long, but i think i was making it work when i used MkLinux.

Is there any hope or am i just completely lost and clueless?

Thanks all that have helped, can help, and i will try to do the same. 8-)

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