Re: Workin NICs ?

Subject: Re: Workin NICs ?
From: Michael A. Peters ( )
Date: Sat Sep 23 2000 - 10:10:11 MDT

>I just installed YellowDog Linux on my PPC & updated the kernel & all the
>RPM update stuff on your ftp
>the system look beautiful on my 604e 200Mhz with 128 Megs Ram & perform
>pretty good although sound seems not supported yet
>My only problem is that Im very new to linux & I cant find a way to get my
>2 NICs to work
>i have a 3COM 3c905-TX & a Realtek 8029AS (ne2k-pci compatible) based cards
>& the installer of champion server 1.2 doesn't seem to see them although
>installed i can see those cards when launchin pci information in KDE
>control center
>If someone can help me step to step to get this workin ill be very pleased
>Remember i'm a newbie & id like to have my linux on the internet

The realtek works. not my favorite card- at work we got in 16 rack
servers, all with realtek. Within a week three of the cards died- the
rest have been OK for about a month, but 3/16 is not acceptable
failure rate.

You will need to build a module for the realtek- if you installed the
kernel source-

cd /usr/src/linux
make xconfig

choose the realtek card, exit
make dep
make modules
make modules_install

the reasltek driver will be in /lib/modules/(your kernel version)/net/rt18139.o

If you want- I have kernel rpm's that should work with your Mac that
include realtek support. My current rpm's are for 2.2.17pre7 (kernel
rpm, modules rpm, headers rpm- you need all three). Sound will work

3com card- I've heard of it working under ppc linux, works real well
under x86 linux, but I heard a patch was needed to use the 509 card
under ppc linux.

Is that still true?

Michael A. Peters--

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