Re: X Freezes (again)

Subject: Re: X Freezes (again)
From: Daniel P. Hembree (
Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 13:59:47 MDT

        I've been getting this as well. Nothing needs to be running,
just xterm sitting there idle under twm. I'm runing YDL 1.0 with the
FXF68_FBDev ver 1.
I tried to use the one patched for the trackpad program but it
crashed right away. My suspicion is the FX68_FBDev running on the
powerbook. I have a B&W G3 with the same setup but it is very stable.
My powerbook is a G3 233Mhz with the 12" screen. The graphics chip
can only do 800x600 with usefill color. I have to leave the no driver
thing checked because I haven't been able to find kernel arguements
that work for the video.

>On Sat, 4 Sep 1999, Daniel P. Hembree wrote:
>> What sort of error messages did you get from the "crash". Was it a
>> kernel panic? A freeze?
>It is a complete freeze. The mouse does not move. The only keypress that
>works is cmd-ctrl-reset. The computer does not ping. There is no clue to
>about the crash in /var/log/messages. It doesn't happen when cron should
>be running (I think).
>I've been eliminating causes by elimination, but this is a very slow
>process because the freezes have been infrequent (two in a row, once a
>-Ben Karas
>> >Here's an update to the old freezing problem I emailed the list about a
>> >few days ago.
>> >

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