Re: It works! But...

Subject: Re: It works! But...
From: Ed Jaeger (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 08:17:41 MST

Although piping the output from mkisofs to cdrecord should work it never
has for me - everything completes, but the CD has errors. If I make an
ISO image on disk then burn that image all is well.

When you say it doesn't work, what doesn't work? Does it get partway
thhrough, does the process hang, or what?

Phil Kirschner wrote:
> Hey all. Thanks so much for dealing with my CDR woes, but I am so
> close to my goal now! I compiled a new kernel, installed cdrecord
> and mkisofs, and I know I can mount the drive with:
> mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /mnt/burner
> I installed cdrtoaster, which provides a pretty little interface to
> the two programs above, but it isn't working. cdrecord sees the
> drive, i know from doing "cdrecord -scanbus" which yields: (amongst
> other things)
> scsibus1:
> 1,5,0 105) 'SONY ' 'CD-R CDU948S ' '1.0h' Removable CD-ROM
> I tried to get cdrtoaster to do this:
> Make a backup CD from my /home directory. I wanted to call the CD homebackup.
> It generated this:
> mkisofs - joliet -volid homebackup /home | cdrecord -v -eject
> dev=/dev/scd0 speed=4 -data
> It didn't work. Anybody out there know why? All I want to do is
> burn the whole /home folder to CD. I can figure out doing HFS stuff
> and audio later, but I want some indication that it will burn
> something. I am SO CLOSE....
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