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Tue, 9 Mar 1999 22:15:13 -0600

>This is true and you have a good point. A project would basically have to
>emulate x86 hardware. I'm thinking we can make people excited about Linux
>on PPC which will mean more applications, commercial or otherwise without
>undertaking such a large project.. Even Wine isn't very complete.. and
>it's been in development for quite a long while now.

its kind of already been done for macos, ala virtual PC, from the
descriptions I've heard.. but we'd need something lower level, more
integrated than virtual PC, so its almost like just another shared library,
i guess, instead of another OS.. perhaps it is something that could be
built into a desktop manager, then.. so it autodetects an intel binary and
pumps it thru the layer..
if what ive heard about Virtual PC is correct, then this project would be
significantly less involved than the Wine project.
ive no understanding of CORBA, but perhaps that would allow something..
i've heard the GNOME paradigm (use CORBA) is somewhat revolutionary?

a possible long-term alternative to convincing companies to bundle multiple
binaries might be something that was suggested to deal with the problems of
redhat vs debian vs suse vs etc. on intel...; someone mentioned "shrouded
source" being used in the past by IBM and co across different
architectures. i guess thats like encrypted source filters in perl? only
more secure. it builds the binaries upon installation, so the target
platform has an optimal binary constructed from the same files as other
platforms, but the co's retain their ever-so-precious source code as secret.

>> Perhaps this could be a project like Wine (for those who don't know, it's
>> an open source project that allows Windows binaries to run on Linux), or
>> something undertaken by a commercial developer..?
>Wine runs only on x86 because it's not an emulator.

damn it :/ *throws solaris plans out window* *resolves to read more carefully*

90 degrees to Wine then.. instead of across operating systems on one
architecture, the goal would be to run across architectures on one
operating system.

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